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Multiple levels of security ensure that the important files, contacts, inventory data and other information you store in this platform is completely safe. All data being sent to or from the application across the Internet is encrypted, every user has a unique password and login, and all information in the Media platform database is also fully encrypted. In addition, the Media platform application is continually monitored. All user access is tracked, including log-in, log-out, IP address, browser, and number of simultaneous sessions and any malicious user can be immediately logged out of the system by an administrator.

Media content plateform is a hosted web application. There is no software to install, deploy, update or maintain. To use the platform, all you need is a computer or web-enabled mobile device, a standard web-browser and an Internet connection. You can log in using a secure password from anywhere to access information and communicate with other users.
Application requirements:

* Computer or mobile device with an Internet connection
* Web browser: Internet Explorer 7.x or above, Mozilla FireFox 2.x or above
* Operating system: Any operating system that runs the browsers noted above
* Enable javascript to use the plateform
* Get flashplayer to see preview

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